About Maui Specialty Chocolates

Born and raised on Maui, Valerie Jones graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1983.  She worked in some of Maui's most prestigious hotels making pastries and desserts.  During the holidays, she started making chocolates at home and giving them away to friends and relatives as Christmas presents.  Soon people were asking for extra boxes and saying that Valerie should sell the chocolates.  So in January of 1990 Valerie and her husband Anthony started Maui Specialty Chocolates and has been making chocolate ever since.

Milk Chocolate Spanish Peanuts


Initially, Maui Specialty Chocolates concentrated on making custom chocolates for the many luxury resorts and hotels on Maui who wanted fresh, high quality chocolates from a local source.  Soon other businesses were asking for special chocolates.  Then the people who received the delicious chocolates from these businesses came looking for Maui Specialty Chocolates.  So Maui Specialty Chocolates opened a retail store to sell directly to the public - a true factory outlet.  In fact the only way to get these gourmet chocolates is to buy directly from Maui Specialty Chocolates because Maui Specialty Chocolates does not wholesale to any other retail store.

The goal of Maui Specialty Chocolates has never been to sell the most chocolates but to make the best chocolates possible using the finest chocolates and freshest ingredients.  Owner/chocolatier Valerie makes just about every piece of chocolate herself, ensuring that only chocolates of the highest quality and consistency go into the box.